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These are the areas of learning that are of most current global significance and impact. Forming the undercurrent of every virtual Stage, these themes will take delegates on the journey from research into theory, from trying into embedding.


Never before has the digital world been so critical to learning. It is crucial that we bridge the gap between technology and pedagogy.  Embracing digital in its many forms such as AI to increase teaching and learning quality – connecting the people and the learning.


Strategies. Approaches. Research.

All with proven impact on student, teacher and leader learning.

Curriculum and Assessment

What makes a world-class Curriculum? New takes on classic debates – Assessment of or for learning? Curriculum design aligned with pedagogy in action. New world, new models needed.

Talent Development

Identify and attract the best teachers and leaders for your school. Nurture and support their progress and ambition through experiences and opportunities. Develop a world-class workforce. Creative talent development approaches for teacher, school, and system levels.

Implementation and Evaluation

​Applied to School Improvement and Scalable Systems. Effectively evaluate and know what to measure. Avoid the pitfalls. Strategies and models from global experts.


One World Values rightfully elevating diversity and equity, and reducing unconscious bias.  Approaches to enable opportunity, remove ceilings and embrace and celebrate difference. Be aware and challenged on behaviours and mindset changes needed to live in a truly global and inclusive world.


Seeing culture from two perspectives; embracing cultures from around the world and creating and nurturing the culture, conditions and wellbeing of your people and climate for schools to thrive and lives to change. Developing Collective Efficacy.

Access and Readiness

From mental health and wellbeing to SEND learning strategies and approaches.  Opening up educational access for every student through inclusive approaches to learning and life – so they can be ready for learning, school and the world .

Inspection and Turnaround

​Accountability must not dictate the educational agenda – but it is important. It has currency. How do you make your school outstanding in the true sense of the word? The latest evidence and experience from leaders and schools around the world that have started this journey and succeeded.


The science of learning.
The complex webs and structures of knowledge, memory, habits of thinking, metacognition and models for learning design experienced through experience and senses.


Each ticket gets 365 days of access to the content at the Summit on a bespoke professional learning platform. 


» Content from the Summit is unpacked and available on demand so you don’t have to miss a minute, you don’t have to worry if you can’t make all 4 days. 


» Get practical activities, resources and further reading to help you embed the latest practice at a pace that suits you. 


» Navigate the content by theme to create a professional learning schedule that covers you for a whole year. 


» There are pathways for teaching assistants through to senior leaders ensuring everybody gets the support to take their practice to the next level. 


Create a legacy of learning at your school. 

365 Days of Professional Learning

Legacy of learning with impact

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