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The Stages

A combination of heavyweight headliners, leaders who have shifted thinking and paradigms, featured speakers, workshops, school showcases, spotlights on inspiring teachers: The World Education Summit will have something for everyone. The sessions are split across 8 virtual stages for the duration of the four day summit.



Bringing the world’s best educationalists, thought leaders and Gurus – speaking across the Themes of the Summit.

Paradigm Shifters

Doing things differently leading to change and improvement. Hear from leaders from across the sector who move from functional and pedestrian approaches to innovative and high impact.

Sir Ken Robinson Stage

We will all remember Sir Ken’s strive for Creativity and his passion to move away from the old ways. This stage is a tribute to the great man – showing his legacy lives on and keeping Creativity front and centre.



Redefining what a school is – here we shine a light on the most amazing and unique schools across the world – doing something different and brave – all with learning at the heart.



Nothing will ever change or improve without brave leaders who are willing to lift their head above the parapet and offer a different view. We showcase passionate and brave leaders across our Themes.

Inspirational Teachers

This stage is for teachers and middle leaders who are looking to try new strategies and approaches. Learn from those who have done it and succeeded – try out the next week in your own school and keep the content for a year online to dip into as and when.

High Impact Learning

With learning at the centre of this conference – a stage was needed – John Hattie will be hosting the Top 10 Learning Strategies and experts across the World – plus we hear from researchers, academics and school practitioners where a relentless focus on learning has developed effective learners.



The Early Years stage will give you the practical tips and inspiration needed to ensure every child starts their education right.


365 Days of Professional Learning

Create a legacy of learning with impact

Each ticket gets 365 days of access to all of the content at the Summit on a bespoke professional learning platform. 


» Every session from the Summit is unpacked and available on demand so you don’t have to miss a minute. So you don’t have to worry if you can’t make all 4 days. 


» Get practical activities, resources and further reading to help you embed the latest practice at a pace that suits you. 


» Navigate the content by theme to create a professional learning schedule that covers you for a whole year. 


» There are pathways for teaching assistants through to senior leaders ensuring everybody gets the support to take their practice to the next level. 


Create a legacy of learning at your school. 

Meet Our Summit Speakers

What is the World Education Summit?

The World Education Summit is a unique learning experience and the biggest education conference of 2021.


This is your opportunity to:

  • Engage with over 200 speakers from around the world

  • Connect with 10,000s of innovative educators from every continent

  • Learn from the best schools and most inspirational teachers

  • Access over 100 hours of professional learning on demand for a full year

  • Stay at the very forefront of education.

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