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Rae Pica

Speaker Summary

If you work in the Early Years, then you have come into contact with Rae Pica’s work. A prolific, best-selling author, an award-winning champion of play-based active learning, a true celebrity of early education; very few people have done more for the educational development of children over the last forty years than her. Known for her lively and informative keynotes and trainings, Rae is internationally acclaimed for her blogs, online courses, and her fierce defence of childhood. Her expertise is held in such high esteem that she has advised the U.S President’s Council itself. We are delighted to have her playful and active presence at the summit.

Areas of Expertise

Early Years – Active Learning – Physical Education – Neuroscience – Childhood Development – Digital Learning – Learning at Play

Full Profile

Rae earned her Bachelor’s Degree in Movement Education and Early Childhood Studies from the University of New Hampshire. She would then go on to work at the same University as an Adjunct Instructor on movement fundamentals for the next 20 years. It is in this movement education and active learning that Rae has truly made the biggest impact worldwide.
Driven by her deep desire to develop and educate the whole child, Rae has shared her expertise in the areas of active learning with such esteemed groups as Sesame Street, the Centers for Disease Control (in relation to childhood obesity), Gymboree, Nike, Nickelodeon’s Blues Clues, and with health departments, schools, and institutions across her homeland of the United States and to the four corners of our learning world.
She is the author of 21 books on childhood development and physical activity, including such seminal works as Experiences in movement and Music, What if Everybody Understood Child Development?, and What If We Taught the Way Children Learn. She has written for the Huffington Post, and serves on the executive committee of the Academy of Education Arts and Sciences.
Rae’s manner of working is tailor-made for the worldwide advent of digital learning. She is the co-founder of BAM Radio Network, the world’s largest online education radio network, where she interviews and hosts leading experts on education, child development, play research the neuroscience and more. She is a regular citizen of the internet, and is constantly uploading online material to assist teachers, parents, and children in navigating the first few years of learning.


A selection of Rae’s acclaimed work includes:
- What If Everybody Understood Child Development? (2015)
- What If We Taught the Way Children Learn? (2020)
- Experiences in Movement & Music: Birth to Age Eight (1980)

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