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Professor Pedro Noguera

Speaker Summary

An internationally renowned champion of equity in learning, Professor Pedro Noguera is perhaps the most important voice in American education right now. A sociologist by trade, a best-selling author and an award-winning expert on leadership and whole-school improvement, Pedro’s work is focused on the effect that social and economic conditions have on schools both in local and international contexts. He is a regular commentator on educational issues for the U. S’s top news outlets such as CNN, MSNBC, and NPR. Pedro continues to work with schools around the world as a researcher, advisor and committed activist.

Areas of Expertise

Whole-school Improvement – Vulnerable Learners – Curriculum and Policy – Equity and Inclusion – Educational Research – Sociology – Behavioural Management – Resilience

Full Profile

Pedro Noguera is the Distinguished Professor of Education at the Graduate school of Education and Faculty Director of the Center for the Transformation of Schools at UCLA. His career in education began in 1981, with a degree in Sociology and History and a teaching credit from Brown University. He spent the next ten years teaching in schools on both coasts of the U.S and working on his Ph.D.

With the earning of his doctorate in Sociology from the University of California in 1989, Pedro took up the role of Professor, and of Director of the Institute for the Study of Social Change at the university. In 2000, he would take up a new post as the Professor of communities and Schools at Harvard where he served for three years before becoming the Professor of Education at NYU and the Executive Director of the Metropolitan Center for Research on Equity and the Transformation of Schools, posts he would until 2015 when he moved to UCLA.

Dr. Noguera is a prolific writer, with more than 200 published research articles, and reports on key facets of equity in education such as as urban school reform, conditions that promote student achievement, the role of education in community development, youth violence, and race and ethnic relations in American society.

His exemplary work at the forefront of education in the US has earned him a gallery of well-deserved accolades and awards. In 2005 and 2006 he was the recipient of the Whitney Young Award for Leadership in Education, in 2008 he won the Schott Foundation Award for Research on Race and Gender, as well as a host of Critics’ awards for his authorship, and a collection of Honorary Doctorates from Universities across the states. Pedro was elected to the National Academy of Education in 2014.

His most recent recognitions come in the form of awards from the Center for the Advanced Study of the Behavioral Sciences, the National Association of Secondary Principals, and the McSilver Institute at NYU for his research and advocacy efforts aimed at fighting poverty.


Pedro is a prolific, best-selling author. A very small selection of his work would include:
- Schooling for Resilience: Improving the Life Trajectory of Black and Latino Boys (2014)
- The Trouble With Black Boys: …And Other Reflections on Race, Equity, and the Future of Public Education (2009)
- City Schools and the American Dream: Reclaiming the Promise of American Education: Reclaiming the Promise of Public Education (2003)

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