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Professor Maha Bali

Speaker Summary

Dr Maha Bali is a rejuvenating force at the forefront of social justice and equality in online education. As Associate Professor of Practice at the Centre for Learning and Teaching at the American University in Cairo, her main focus is faculty development, digital literacies & intercultural learning, and open education. A keen writer and educational theorist, Maha specialises in designing and promoting an equity-focused, open, and connected intercultural curriculum. Armed with her expertise in digital learning environments and her passion for promoting a fairer educational world for a fairer tomorrow, Dr Bali is the tonic for 2020.

Areas of Expertise

Inclusion and Equity – Social Justice – Staff Development – Digital Learning – Educational Technology

Full Profile

Dr Maha Bali’s experience in education and information literacy, stems from a long career in academia. She first earned her BSc in Computer Science from the American University in Cairo in 2001, and then eared her Med in eLearning from the University of Sheffield in 2006 and her PhD in education from the same institute in 2013.

She took up the role of Associate Professor at the same university she achieved her BSc at in 2014 and holds to the post to this day. Her work takes her around the world, providing consultancy for faculty development on courses, conference, and workshops, with schools worldwide finding her expertise in digital education, blended learning, and MOOC’s particularly beneficial.

A keen writer and researcher, Maha is an editor for the journal Hybrid Pedagogy, and sits on the editorial board for Teaching In Higher Education, Online Learning Journal, and the International Journal of Educational Technology in Higher Education among many other scholarly journals. She is the co-founder of virtuallyconnecting.org and co-facilitator of Equity unbound, an organisation dedicated to an inclusion-focused, connected learning experience.


A brief selection of Maha Bali’s myriad publications includes:
- Open at the Margins: Critical Perspectives on Open Education with Cronin, C., Czerniewicz, L., DeRosa, R., & Jhangiani, R. S. (2020)
- Doing autoethnography on the internet (2020)
- Digital Pedagogy in the Humanities: Concepts, Models and Experiments with Zamora. M (2020)

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