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Professor Andy Hargreaves

Speaker Summary

When Professor Andy Hargreaves speaks, governments listen. As one of the foremost global leaders in education, they would be foolish not to. Renowned for being the authority on educational change, policy and uplifting leadership, Andy is also an award-winning, best-selling author. He has served as Past President of the International Congress of School Effectiveness and Improvement and currently operates as the Adviser in Education to the First Minister of Scotland, among numerous other professorship and top advisory roles in countries around the globe. Do not miss the opportunity to see the leading pioneer in long-lasting educational form worldwide.

Areas of Expertise

Leadership and Management – Policy – Curriculum – Whole-school Improvement

Full Profile

Andy Hargreaves was born in the small mill town of Accrington in England. He was the first in his extended family history to attend university, studying Sociology at the University of Sheffield, and then getting his PhD in the same subject from the University of Leeds. He then taught in a primary school and lectured in universities around England including the University of Oxford until 1987, when he moved to Ontario, Canada, where he founded the International Center for Educational Change.

He currently serves as the Director of Chenine (Change, Engagement, and Innovation in Education) at the University of Ottowa, and as the Research Professor at the Lynch School of Education and Human Development at Boston College. He recently founded ARC Education: a group of nations committed to advancing equity, excellence, sustainability and wellbeing in schools and larger societies.

His stellar work in educational change has been recognised by institutions of higher learning around the globe. He has been awarded visiting professorships in the US, Canada, the UK, Hong King, Sweden, Spain, Japan, Norway, and Singapore. He holds Honorary Doctorates from the University of Uppsala and from the Education University of Hong Kong and is a Fellow of the Royal Society of Arts. Andy’s expertise has led to some of the world’s largest organisations seeking out his wisdom, including the OECD, the IB, the World Bank, UNESCO, the EU, the Universities of Latin America and many, many more. He has delivered keynote speeches across 50 countries on every continent.

For both his services the world of learning, and his authorship, Andy has won numerous awards. For his work with Michael Fullan on their book Professional Capital: Transforming Teaching in Every School (2012), he was awarded the prestigious Grawemeyer Award in Education (2015). He received the Horace Mann Award in the U.S and the Robert Owen award in Scotland (2016) for services to public education, and the Whitworth Award for outstanding contributions to educational research in Canada. He is regularly ranked as one of the most influential scholars on US Public Education Policy.


Andy has written over 30 books, an uncountable number of articles, chapters and reports, and also co-founded to educational journals. Here are just a few of his most well-known works:
- Collaborative Professionalism: When Teaching Together Means Learning for All (2018)
- Uplifting Leadership: How Organizations, Teams, and Communities Raise Performance (2014)
- The Global Fourth Way (2012)
- Professional Capital: Transforming Teaching in Every School (2014)

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