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Graham Brown-Martin

Speaker Summary

As one of the world’s true pioneers of educational technology, Graham Brown-Martin isn’t at the very forefront of the latest trends. He’s 5 to 10 years in front of them. A best-selling author, founder and leader of multiple future-modern learning institutions, groups and foundations, Graham is a catalyst for powerful conversation and fresh thinking. He draws on his experiences of leading teams and scaling up organisations to challenge the status quo of education and pushes all of us toward a brighter future of learning. He is the cutting-edge of innovation and our pursuit of the future-proof at the World Education Summit is made far greater by his presence.

Areas of Expertise

Education Technology – Leadership and Management – Whole-school Improvement – Science

Full Profile

“Given the nature of global change, transforming education around the world is one of the deepest, most urgent challenges we now face. With his open but penetrating gaze, Graham Brown Martin is an ideal guide through the complex terrain of ideas and innovations that might just create the new forms of education that we really need.” – Sir Ken Robinson.

Praise doesn’t get much higher from the late, great Sir Ken as that and yet Graham deserves every syllable. Across his thirty-year career in education, technology and media, Graham has made a habit of always being ahead of the curve. He designed mobile computers in the 80s, interactive and online entertainment networks in the 90s, community-based social media networks in the early 00’s and most embarrassingly for us, a global forum for the future of learning halfway through the 10’s. Dissatisfied with only being 5 years ahead of latest innovation, Graham is the founder and leader of BeyondTomorrow, a global, growing intelligence network of interdisciplinary thinkers designing a blueprint for a thriving society beyond the 22nd century.

Graham has trod the path of global change from a young age. Leaving school early, he founded his first company at 22. Next Technology was one of the world’s first multi-media design companies that worked with CD-ROM technology. His forays into other fields of technology and media gave Graham an unprecedented address book of innovators across the digital and educational sectors and in 2004 he founded Learning Without Frontiers. This beyond-profit organisation brought people together from across the world to challenge the status quo of global education to more accurately reflect the future that our children would be living and learning in.

Everything he touches turns to gold, and as such Graham is a popular keynote speaker and educationalist known the world over. In more recent years he has worked with the House of Lords Select Committee on Artificial Intelligence, designed a science programme for primary school children, as well as an experiential programme for students to learn about working with autonomous robots. Aside from EdTech, he is known for his strategic insight and leadership coaching where he helps leaders and organisations navigate the future, achieve their goals and maintain resilience.

2020 threw the world of education into disarray, but you can bet that Graham foresaw it, and planned the route beyond. Don’t miss the opportunity to walk it with him.


Graham Brown-Martin’s most famous, best-selling work is:
- Learning Reimagined (2014)

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