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Dr Nancy Sulla

Speaker Summary

Nancy Sulla is the founder of IDE Corp and EdQuiddity Inc. IDE Corp specialises in transformational consulting and professional development. EdQuiddity provides resources for educators working with IDE to create student-driven classrooms. Nancy is an author, speaker and thought leader in transforming learning environments, and the host of the talk show Learning Unwrapped. Her aim is to increase student engagement and improve empowerment and efficacy, and to pursue equity-focused instructional design, positioning students to change the world. Nancy’s instructional plan for designing hybrid learning environments is giving teachers hope for the new look of schooling.


Nancy’s published work includes:
- Reinventing the Classroom Experience: Learning Anywhere, Anytime (April 2021)
- Students Taking Charge: Inside the Learner-Active, Technology-Infused Classroom (2018)
In Building Executive Function: The Missing Link to Student Achievement (2017)

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