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Dr Helen Lewis

Speaker Summary

Dr. Helen Lewis is an innovator and author at the forefront of metacognition and the development of children’s thinking skills. With a background in primary teaching, school inspection and teacher education, Helen is particularly devoted to the latest research in the rapidly growing field of human-animal education and how animals can support pupil interaction and wellbeing. As Programme Director of the PGCE at Swansea University, a Team and Peer Inspector for the Welsh Inspectorate and the Honorary Secretary of the International Professional Development Association, Helen truly knows what matters most when it comes to learning, and teaching.

Areas of Expertise

Whole-school Improvement – Primary Education - Inspections and Standards – Wellbeing – Metacognition


A selection of Helen’s work includes:
- Teaching on a Shoestring: An A-Z of everyday objects to enthuse and engage children and extend learning in the early years (2018)
- Teaching Creative and Critical Thinking in Schools (2018)
- Tails From The Classroom: Learning and teaching through animal-assisted interventions (2020)

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