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Dr Debra Kidd

Speaker Summary

Dr. Debra Kidd is a rare, revolutionary sight in education. Her extensive experience at every level of the industry, from the ins-and-outs of national policy to the everyday workings of classrooms everywhere is garnered from her sterling work at every phase of schooling, in countries on every continent. From the onset of learning in nursery through to further education. Debra has a well-earned, international reputation of knowing what truly matters for learners, and champions this truth in her own passionate, empathetic and inspiring training style.

Areas of Expertise

Curriculum and Policy – Whole-school Improvement – Literacy – Leadership and Management – Early Years


Debra’s published books include:
- A Curriculum of Hope: As rich in Humanity as in Knowledge (2020)
- Teaching: Notes from the Front Line (2014)
- Becoming Mobius: The complex matter of education (2015)

Also speaking at the Summit: