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Dr Andy Cope

Speaker Summary

Dr. Andy Cope is the exact opposite of every doctor you have ever met. A best-selling author, and world-wide authority on wellbeing, and student engagement, the good doctor is trained to identify what’s right with you, as opposed to what’s wrong. Andy has been working tirelessly to focus school curriculum and policy on the importance of mental health provision. But how can you have happy students if you don’t have happy teachers? The Doctor of happiness has the answers and the path toward a sustainable, long-term wellbeing ethos in your school.

Areas of Expertise

Leadership and Management – Wellbeing – Resilience – Whole-school Improvement – Curriculum and Policy


Dr. Andy Cope is a best-selling author of children’s books as well as educational work. Some of his work includes:
- Shine: Rediscovering Your Energy, Happiness and Purpose (2018)
- The Art of Being Brilliant (2012)
- Zest: How to Squeeze the Max out of Life (2019)
- Leadership: The Multiplier Effect (2019)

Also speaking at the Summit: