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Bob Cox

Speaker Summary

Bob Cox is an award-winning author and one of the UK’s leading experts on English teaching provision. With 23 years of experience as a classroom teacher, and 13 years as a consultant at some of the largest national and international educational conferences, Bob presents a better way forward for teachers and students toward high quality learning. Deeply passionate about opening doors for every learner of every background, Bob is clear in that this is best achieved by equipping all teachers with the practical tools and the confidence to achieve excellent and inclusion for all.

Areas of Expertise

English – Equity and Inclusion – Curriculum Design – Literacy


Bob is the author of the award-winning Opening Doors Series, a few books from this include:
- Opening Doors to a Richer English Curriculum (2019)
- Opening Doors to Famous Poetry and Prose (2014)
- Opening Doors to Quality Writing (2016)

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